Massivit 3D: How to Produce Isotropic Molds for Composite Material Parts

An opportunity for tooling manufacturers to get a sneak peek of the Massivit 10000 before its official launch at JEC WORLD this March!

Today’s tooling methods for composites manufacturing are considerably slow, costly, wasteful, and heavily reliant on manual labor.
This webinar will introduce the award-winning Massivit 10000 additive manufacturing system, designed to automate and accelerate tooling for composite material parts by enabling direct casting of molds, jigs, fixtures, and mandrels. Participants will learn how to shorten their tooling workflow from 19 steps down to just 4, enabling production of a mold in less than one week.

A variety of custom tooling applications will be explored for the marine, railway, automotive, construction, aerospace, home refurbishments, and sports industries.

Unlike other additive tooling technologies, Cast-In-Motion leverages thermoset materials that provide consistent mechanical and thermal properties across all axes, offering low and consistent thermal expansion (CTE) at high temperatures as well as high thermal stability (HDT) up to 150°C.

Massivit 3D (Tel Aviv Stock Exchange: MSVT) is a leading provider of large-scale 3D printing systems with an install base across 40 countries.

Attendees will discover how to:
- Produce isotropic molds suited to high temperatures
- Shorten tooling time by 80%
- Reduce manual labor by 90%
- Cut manufacturing costs by 75%
- Benefit from advanced thermosets with high mechanical and thermal properties
- Decrease waste of expensive materials

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