JEC Composites Innovation Awards Ceremony 2024 - Renewable Energies

Discover the Renewable Energies category with the 3 finalists and the winner of the JEC Composites Innovation Awards!

Renewable Energies category
Blade Circularity Solution
Vestas Wind Systems A/S (Denmark)

Enhancing Circularity in Renewable Energy

Wrapped Composite Joints for Offshore Renewables
Tree Composites (Netherlands

Blade Circularity Solution
CETEC Project (Denmark)
• Vestas (Denmark)
• Olin (Germany)
• Aarhus University (Denmark)
• Danish Technological Institute (Denmark)
• Stena Recycling (Denmark and Sweden)

CETEC's Blade Circularity Solution renders epoxy-based turbine blades circular without altering the material’s design or composition. It employs a chemical process breaking down epoxy resin into virgin-grade materials, establishing a circular economy for blade manufacturing.
Our innovation redefines circularity for epoxy-based turbine blades. It precisely separates glass, carbon fibers, core material, metal components, and resin for dedicated recycling, optimizing reuse and enhancing circular value chains. Featuring cutting-edge chemcycling, it breaks down epoxy resin into chemical monomers, ensuring recycled materials achieve virgin-grade properties. Emphasizing sustainability, it operates efficiently using non-toxic, standardized chemicals with minimal energy input. Tailored for conventional epoxy-based turbine blades, it addresses an industry gap, supported by waste handlers' interest and ongoing industrial scaling, promising swift lab-to-large-scale implementation.
Key benefits:
• Circularity for epoxy-based composite material
• Recyclability without modifying design
• New sustainable raw material source
• Strengthening the wind industry's sustainability proposition
• Immediate scalability and mature recycling value streams

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