JEC Composites Innovation Awards Ceremony 2024 - Circularity & Recycling

Discover the Circularity & Recycling category with the 3 finalists and the winner of the JEC Composites Innovation Awards!

Circularity & Recycling category
Building A Closed-Loop Ecosystem for Carbon Fiber
FAIRMAT (France)

Circular Structures: Composites as a Service

Emphasizing to Enhance Material Property by Sizing
B&M Longworth (Edgworth) Ltd (UK)

Emphasizing to Enhance Material Property by Sizing
B&M Longworth (Edgworth) Ltd (UK)
• Autotech Engineering (Gestamp) (UK)
• Brunel University London (UK)
• EMS-Grivory (UK)
• Ford Motor Company (UK)
• Gen2Plank Ltd (UK)
• TWI Ltd (UK)

The creation of ‘glassene’ a brand new, advanced material with price-point close to glass and performance to rival some carbon fibre, with impressively low LCA. Promotes structural reuse of composites on a mass scale.

EMPHASIZING aims to create a new advanced material with price close to glass fibre, performance to rival some carbon fibre and impressive LCA.
GRP from a range of sources (wind, marine, fibre production) reclaimed as 100% clean glass by DEECOM® pressolysis.
The fibres are chopped into 6mm lengths before a range of sizing chemistries are considered, assessed, and tested; then compounded with polyamide thermoset and injection moulded; creating a mass production, structural component, tested against the steel counterpart and with a characterisation data card.

Key benefits:
• Global GRP waste solution
• Enables wind/marine/glass fibre industries to have 'zero waste from composites'
• Creates a new, green, low cost advanced material to directly displace virgin
• Recyclate can go back into industries looking to decarbonise = circularity
• Addresses the current advanced materials imbalance of demand vs supply

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