These days, you can split job sites into two camps.
There’s the ones that are really safe… and the ones that are reaaaallly?? safe.

Wanna know the telltale sign? PINKBAR®+ Fiberglas™ Rebar from Owens Corning.

Using steel rebar is like playing a high-stakes game of Hazard Hopscotch. It’s hard to see, so it’s easy to trip on. And if you need to move it after a looong day of baking in the sun? Ouch.   

PINKBAR®+ Fiberglas™ Rebar, on the other, non-burnt hand, is a concrete reinforcement that improves the entire install experience. It’s lightweight, so it’s easy to move. It’s pink, so it’s easy to see. And since it’s not steel, it won’t get hot. Which is all… pretty cool.

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