Audi E bike futuristic bike mechanism

This Audi e bike features state-of-the-art functionality and can be used for sport-riding and tricks. If manufactured, the Audi Worthersee would likely be one of the most expensive electric bikes on the market. It’s powered by a 2.3-kilowatt motor. It has five riding modes, including wheelie mode and electric-only mode. The e bike can exceed 30-mph. The Audi Worthersee features an all carbon fiber construction and wheels crafted entirely from carbon fiber polymer. The Audi e bike contains an onboard computer that can synchronize with the rider’s smartphone via WLAN. Fair Use Disclaimer: The Channel (Tech Trailers) May use some Copyrighted materials without Specific authorization of the owner But Content used by falls "Fair Use"This Video or content is Official Video Copyrighted by respected Owner AUDI products.

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