JEC Word 2022 DAY 1: Innovative towpreg machine optimized for large scale hydrogen pressure vessel production

Latest technical solutions designed by Comec for the production of hydrogen pressure vessels for the automotive industry will be presented during this session. These solutions are based on the use of Towpreg Filament Winding technology and Direct Impregnation technology for dry tow, building on Comec’s long experience delivering towpreg machines for the aerospace industry. The target is to achieve a reduction of production costs as well as to increase reliability and quality consistency required by the automotive industry. Latest epoxy resin systems for fast manufacturing of towpreg developed by Huntsman Advanced Materials will be presented as well. Collaboration of both companies allowed to optimize both resin system and machinery for the application.

Anna Costanza RUSSO, Project Management R&D, COMEC Innovative
Sébastien PANTHU, New Business Development Manager - Composites, HUNTSMAN Advanced Material
Zhanyshbek TASHMATOV, Technical-Commercial Engineer, COMEC Innovative



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